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GianPaolo DiCocco, "voice of the cosmos" who knows Everything from astrological charts, says his chart shows he is a psychopath...

I'm very proud to say that I do have plenty of psychopathic tendencies...and people love me for it!  That beautiful triple conjunction of Pluto-Saturn-MC (all opposing my moon) is the supreme psychopath.
Paul (GianPaolo) DiCocco, posting as PD187540 on, May 3, 2012

One research study found that those who acknowledge being psychopaths or sociopaths -- usually actually are.

Notes: The PD187540 poster is completely verified as Paul (GianPaolo) DiCocco. Not only does the astrology-obsessed poster relate known accounts of DiCocco's life and moves, but PD187540 reports DiCocco's known natal positions as his, and uploaded his natal chart which matches DiCocco's (Sep 24 1983 / Valley Stream, NY / 2:48 PM). PD had named the chart file "Paul DiCocco. In these posts DiCocco also refers to his locational astrology reading with Julian Lee (He refers to Lee as having "a good track record") in which Lee recommended he move to California to reduce his woes, and DiCocco sometimes reports on his progress in San Francisco.

More of DiCocco's strange posts from his posting career as "PD" can be read here.

Note: Lee has has offered to remove all his content about DiCocco if DiCocco would cease his slander of Lee and others. But DiCocco refuses to stop.

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GianPaolo DiCocco being snide and smug

DiCocco has tried many different professions by now. He seems willing to be anything -- M.D., pathologist assistant, actor, undertaker, paralegal -- as long as he can be supreme. At the moment he's seeking a position as Supreme Astrologer Of The World --  apparently as a vehicle for expressing malice.

Thus many, when referring to DiCocco, convert his Trump-pilfered "MAGA" phrase into "Make Astrology Hate Again." (Though it would be the first time astrology was hateful.)

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Still living with his mother in a shuttered room, but now in Pasadena, California, DiCocco began his Lord of Astrologers schtick only 4 years after beginning to really study his own natal chart (his posts as "PD" make this clear), and during the 1st year he began doing readings for others. As an astrologer he is all over the place: He is not sure if he is a Celebrity astrologer, an astrological Journalist, an "astropathologist" (his made up term), or a Readings astrologer, a Natal astrologer, a Mundane astrologer, a Political astrologer, a Locational astrologer, a Medical astrologer, an Entertainer, a Marketer of T-shirts and mugs,  an Interviewer of other astrologers -- or Mafia don setting up hits on enemies.

He loves to predict negatives. But
his main astrological "technique" is to project negative, ill things into the charts of enemies; i.e. pulling things out of his ass to smear people based on zero facts from their life (never mind any  references to astrological literature, lore, or studies which would at least make him a little interesting albeit unethical.)

His posts as PD187540 reveal what's really going on in DiCocco's head, such as "all the seething rage and anger that I harbor within me." Indeed, at times DiCocco wants to be an omnipotent Mafia kingpin arranging hits, and according to his writings and posts, has long entertained murderous thoughts.

Below: Screenshot of one of DiCocco's Facebook posts urging the murder of Julian Lee, the astrologer who tried to help him, and asking his Facebook followers to send him death threats. (DiCocco later deleted this post, probably on advice from his lawyer. The sue-happy DiCocco always needs a lawyer close at hand):

Julian Lee, locational astrologer who sincerely tried to help DiCocco, gave him a lot of his time, and received no monies for it. Because of DiCocco's "trouble with roommates" in San Francisco, an arrest for making threats, and continued difficulty getting a job (with his negative history) -- DiCocco requested and got a full $250 refund from Lee, one of four who have made claim on Lee's unprecedented guarantee. But DiCocco's California chart -- the excellent new factors brought to him by Lee against all odds --  finally made him a bigshot, but not the right kind, and Lee finally had to reign in his "creation."

Julian Lee

Note how GianPaolo DiCocco has changed his "location" to "Missoula, Montana" in order to be menacing toward Lee, or to create confusion, or perhaps hoping that it would discourage the screenshots from being posted due to the confusion it causes. (They used to say "SD" for San Diego, where he was at the time.) More on this below:

In 2011 GianPaolo DiCocco was making efforts to get into medical school and expressing a lot of frustration about it on chat threads as PD187540. At the time he came to Julian Lee for help with his life he had given up on this goal and was setting his hopes on Undertaker School (Mortuary Science). In one PD post DiCocco states that he enjoys doing autopsies (cutting up dead bodies). In a PD post shown below he states that he was "beginning to develop really murderous tendencies" and blamed this on his location. In the post below DiCocco states that the MCAT test, necessary to get into medical school, was making him "sociopathic."

In another AstrologyWeekly chat thread DiCocco confirms his certainty that "hidden psychopathy" bestows benefits in life :

Notice the "SD" location. At this time Gianpaolo was living in San Diego, and all databases place Paul DiCocco there at this time. When he saw these posts going up DiCocco, devious as always, logged into his AstrologyWeekly account and changed the location to "Missoula, Montana." Then he made a new video attacking Lee with reckless and bizarre slander. In this video DiCocco claims that "PD" posts were really created by Julian Lee pretending to be him, and that the new "Missoula" location proves this. (As if Lee would stupidly pretend to be DiCocco while listing his location as "Missoula.") This desperate ruse has difficulty flying since Lee did not know DiCocco until May 2013, and most of the PD posts are from much earlier.  Below: Paul DiCocco uploaded his own natal chart as PD187540 in the year 2000, soliciting opinions about astrology and his chart. He had named the file "Paul DiCocco"...

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Paul DiCocco's Hapless Lawyer, Eric Bjorgum
Lawyer, Eric Bjorgum of Karish & Bjorgum, serves as Paul DiCocco's henchman. You can pronounce it "Bore Gloom." Paul DiCocco's sort always needs to have a lawyer. Bjorgum lives in DiCocco's home town of Pasadena. (Though DiCocco lies about where he lives.) Did they meet at a Starbucks? Funny how Bjorgum and DiCocco have the exact same mouth. DiCocco has stated that he is gay, and as PD187540 has made posts about hiring gay prostitutes. Why is Bjorgum working for DiCocco for "peanuts"? Are they more than friends? Or is it just a nice guy just getting dragged down into madness and loss with his offensive, unpopular client who considers himself a psychopath and acts like one?
DiCocco gloats on his Facebook that he pays Eric Bjorgum "peanuts" to represent him.

But Bjorgum is prosecuting DiCocco's quest to acquire domains owned by Julian Lee. When Lee found DiCocco slandering him on the internet Lee purchased some long-available DiCocco-ish domains (each for the price of a latte) to place his self-defense close to DiCocco's content wherever it appeared in search results. He has used the domains (like, etc.) only for answering DiCocco's egregious slander (such as claiming Lee drinks and uses drugs, claiming he is a sex offender, and other bizarre and baseless spew...).

Lee has offered to remove them all from the internet if DiCocco would cease his slander, and continues to offer that.

But DiCocco, who has a penchant for attacking people by legal means, wants to battle Lee (and battle many others). He seems to have a megalomaniacal desire for conquest over all that he surveys, and wants to be viewed as "the greatest astrologer." This, though he has little experience, has done few readings, and most of his opinions come from other people and books. Thus the mad team of Bjorgum & DiCocco was born.

Julian Lee, locational astrologer
who tried to help DiCocco.

After smearing the good name of Lee, Lee's purchase of some "DiCocco" domains may have sent DiCocco into a tizzy. Lee immediately posted, which contained answering information, on one of DiCocco's derogatory YouTube videos that slandered Lee over a reading he gave DiCocco. (DiCocco demanded and got a refund, yet moved to California according to Lee's advice and prospered there, even becoming famous.)

Within 36 hours of DiCocco seeing, Lee's Gmail account was hacked and $238.98 was removed from his bank account. DiCocco presents much evidence of being a cyber-stalking, hacker type, having numerous random-looking emails and giving anonymity advice online (this will be placed here as there is time). DiCocco has made a study of Lee's writing online, and it would have been very easy for him to guess the password based on this. DiCocco is a connoisseur of video games, having posted voluminous reviews of video games. In that 36 hours an expensive video game was purchased from Ebay by someone using the PayPal account installed in Lee's Gmail. DiCocco is proud of using Lee's full name (which includes "Curtis") as if it's some sort of revelation. The video game was sent to a random address at "Curtis Street" in Portland at a time DiCocco believed Lee still lived in Portland. That same night 8 attempts were made to hack his PayPal password. This hack attempt happened around 1 to 3 a.m., the hours when DiCocco's worked a night shift at a laboratory from which he was later fired. DiCocco clearly often posted to his Facebook while he was on the job. At that time DiCocco was fuming about Lee, saying he would "eat him out of house and home." In another post (see below) The Kook says it gave him "ethereal bliss" to think he had forced Lee to spend money on a lawyer. DiCocco has also posted fraudulent posts on one of Lee's comment threads, posing as "Maria" and attacking him, from his Pasadena IP.
Right: Cyber-stalker Paul DiCocco placed this fake post on one of Julian Lee's comment threads at Here he is pretending to be a woman named "Maria" spreading his favorite spew about Lee. The IP is from Pasadena, CA. Note the wording "strongly suggest," a typical speech pattern for DiCocco. The "slurring" and "drunk" idea is DiCocco's invention which he made in his first attack video on Lee. "Racist" and "hater" are about DiCocco's cultural Marxist politics and he's made these slurs of Lee elsewhere. DiCocco has elsewhere referred to Lee as an "old hippie" (though Lee has never used drugs and has always been a political and moral conservative). The "math" comment relates to a comment Lee had made about DiCocco's French Election prediction that DiCocco ranted about at his Facebook a day before. Notice that DiCocco frequently calls those who dislike him "cyber-stalkers."

Paul DiCocco as "Maria S.," trashing Julian Lee on his comment thread:

To start his career DiCocco began attacking astrologers left and right. He'll refer to somebody's chart as "heinous" like their natal chart is a horrible crime. He specializes in projecting any-negative-of-his-choice onto the victim using "the chart" as spurious "proof" though he offers no examples, research, lore -- even a vague attempt at justifying his accusation. (A grotesque abuse of astrology). He uses charts for slander and war.

Funnily, he made this recent post grousing that he didn't have the birth data for one of his enemies for smearing her using her chart. He complained that someone was using his same trick on him and doing precisely what the hypocrite does all day long:

He uses loads of marketing gambits. But the incompetent DiCocco never bothered to purchase the domain for his own name, and not even his pet which was available to anybody for about $4.95 all the way up to December 2016, and finally purchased by a random buyer long after DiCocco had started his MAGA gimmick. (Lee knew it was available but was too nice to buy it.) Now quite belatedly DiCocco is using Bjorgum in the attempt to wrest 10 domains from Lee, for his use, at the domain court in Switzerland simply because DiCocco wants them and wants to silence Lee's voice and self-defense.

In the Facebook at left DiCocco accuses Lee of being "psychotic." Notice that DiCocco, who has stated publicly that he has psychopathic tendencies, always accuses others of precisely whatever he is.

After styling himself the "voice of the cosmos" who knows everything from a chart, DiCocco accuses Lee of using drugs. Does this imply DiCocco is a drug user? Other than the tobacco in his pipe, Lee has never used any drugs.

Because DiCocco heard Lee sip his iced tea during his reading, the Voice of the Cosmos accuses him of drinking alcohol. Lee has never used alcohol. But perhaps it means DiCocco drinks?

DiCocco likens Lee to a serial killer from a movie. The public record contains multiple instances of DiCocco entertaining murderous thoughts. One of his public posts from his New York period as PD187540:

"I'm beginning to develop really murderous tendencies and thought patterns the longer I'm staying in this location. It's increasing even more so these days..."
-- GianPaolo (Paul) DiCocco

Note: This is the condition DiCocco was in when he came to Julian Lee for help, along with inability to keep a job and living at his mother's, and other woes. Julian Lee recommended California. A while after living there DiCocco states that he got the best position ever, with the best pay, and also got a new career as an astrological pundit, and even fame. But we can see his murderous thoughts remain. (See top of page.)

While Lee posts pure fact about GianPaolo, DiCocco accuses Lee of "slander." Meanwhile DiCocco slanders Lee recklessly with creative and ugly assertions.

DiCocco states that he gets "pure, ethereal bliss" from the thought that he is costing Lee money, and states that he pays his lawyer Eric Bjorgum "peanuts."

He continues exposing his intentions to damage Lee's business using the internet.

He states that Lee is receiving "numerous death threats." This statement must be based on the fact that DiCocco has requested that his fans send death threats to Lee. (He has since deleted these posts, apparently.) Lee has not received any death threats, or even one harassing email, so perhaps DiCocco's minions are not as on-board with his insanity as he believes?

Dicocco has asked his witchy fans to place "curses" on Lee.
One of DiCocco's Facebook posts:

After saying Mr. Lee needs to "stop breathing by ANY means necessary, including violent," DiCocco urges his Facebook followers to make death threats against him, helpfully providing his phone number and email to help them do it.

DiCocco accuses Lee of being a "cyber stalker" because of his self-defense web pages. Or this could be due to Lee's attempts to answer DiCocco in YouTube threads dedicated to attacking him. (DiCocco always deletes/suppresses Lee's answering posts, preventing them from displaying.) Meanwhile Lee points to several instances of genuine cyber-stalking by DiCocco against him.

Finally in the post at left -- which is typical for him when attacking Lee and many similar examples could be posted -- DiCocco makes a vague threat that he might send someone "knocking on his door (or kicking it in)" in Lee's home town, saying cryptically "You never know." This is typical of DiCocco's menacing attitude toward Lee as he megalomaniacally tries to "purge the cosmos" of everybody he dislikes.

Though DiCocco's intention has been to harm Mr. Lee's income by slandering him, Lee states that his roster has remained full all through 2017, and that he now gets callers who were led to him by DiCocco, seeking readings. They typically say something like "I saw that DiCocco guy attacking you, man he's really crazy, and it got me to thinking 'You must be the good guy' and I went to your site and started reading about you. I'd like a reading."

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Bjorgum appears to be a willing lackey for DiCocco. He even uses special timings specified by DiCocco in serving papers. In the message to DiCocco below (posted on the Kook's Facebook), Bjorgum is gleeful about "freaking out" Mr. Lee by requesting to commandeer an absurd number of domains from him simply because DiCocco wants to own them. Bjorgum writes to DiCocco:


Bjorgum apparently knows that his request is over-the-top and greedy, but serves the Kook anyway.
Bjorgum caters to DiCocco by sending legal papers to Lee on "significant" dates DiCocco picks, such as Lee's birthday. DiCocco's timings, while displaying his mean spirit, betray a childlike understanding of astrological timing, containing astrological factors beneficial to his target.

Bjorgum appears to not know the law or tries to rely on bluff. He tried to con Lee into believing that DiCocco had a right to "" even though DiCocco did not even apply for a trademark application until after Lee had purchased it. (And did not receive the trademark for another 6 months or so). In papers served to Lee he invoked a California "cyber-squatting" law though it was not relevant, as Lee was not attempting to re-sell any domains or gain from them monetarily. His recalcitrant client, Paul DiCocco, continually posts publicly about Bjorgum's legal activities on his behalf. The Kook can't help himself.

One attorney in the Los Angeles area stated to Mr. Lee that Karish & Bjorgum appeared to be a "lightweight," not very experienced in Intellectual Property Law. This appears to be true as one can see, in the message to DiCocco above, that Bjorgum found it daunting to file the papers. Lee received this "cc:" notification from WIPO in Switzerland to Bjorgum, indicating that Bjorgum had failed to fire all necessary documents:

From: Domain Disputes []
Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2017 2:49 AM
To: Eric Bjorgum <eric.bjorgum>
Subject: (JSC) D2017-1982 et al. Request for Annex 6
Dear Complainant,
Further to the Center's Acknowledgment of Receipt of Complaint, please note that the Center is not in receipt of an email filing Annex 6 to the Complaint. Please submit Annex 6 to us as an attachment to your return email.
Justin Soong-Hoon Chay Case Manager

WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center 34, chemin des Colombettes, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland T +41 22 338 82 47 F +41 22 740 37 00 E W

By all appearances Eric Bjorgum, Paul DiCocco's "peanuts" attorney, seems inexperienced in Intellectual Property Law.

Below: DiCocco recently on his Twitter urges his minions (all three of those currently entertained by him?) to harass another of the numerous astrologers he attacks because he feels they compete with his attempt to start an astrology career:

"Work your magic baby" means: "Call this astrologer and attack him." Notice how DiCocco included a map showing where this astrologer lives. Is DiCocco trying to make the astrologer feel personally threatened? Is he trying to encourage his minions to personally visit the astrologer and harass him? It seems so.

It should be noted that DiCocco's "testimonials" sound fake and fabricated. About half of them end with the same phrase: "You won't be disappointed." Most of them employ pet phrases of DiCocco's that he applies to himself, like "on point." Among his reading "reviews" are literal social media marketing pros with whom he seems to have set up a reciprocal relationship. He apparently charges $200 for a reading, though he only started doing readings in 2016. DiCocco appears to be 33 percent marketer (T-shirts, cups, yada yada), 33 percent astrological book reader and dilettante, and 33 percent malevolent misanthrope. (In one of his posts as PD, to be uploaded soon, DiCocco says "I have such a disdain for humanity.")

Brand New DiCocco Rubbish:
Below: DiCocco, entertainer of violent thoughts, recently tried to make connections between the chart of Stephen Paddock (supposedly a recent mass murderer) and his locational astrologer Julian Lee. An absurd abuse of astrology, any shyster can propound such specious "arguments" all day long.
For example, both Paul DiCocco and Charles Manson have Mars-Sextile-Pluto.
But to say that this means DiCocco will turn out like Charles Manson would be abusing astrology. (You can find many cases of positive expression of both the Mars-Square-Pluto and the Sextile. No particular aspect is necessarily "bad" or "good.")
DiCocco is happy to abuse astrology for the expression of malice and the creation of confusion.
(In Lee's chart, incidentally, there is no connection between his 8th House and his Moon. But DiCocco, recall, likes to pull shit out of his ass.)
And incidentally, Stephen Paddock was seen alive and well AFTER this recent Zionist false-flag psy-op in Las Vegas. (Stephen Paddock is at best a patsy who didn't do anything, to many who have studied the event.) But (((some folks))) are never happy unless they pile confusion on top of confusion. When GianPaolo DiCocco states that he is a psychopath, should we take him at his word?

A last funny note: As soon as DiCocco saw the quote at the top of this page, from his posting career as PD187540, he logged into his account at Notice the green light meaning he is logged in. He then changed his "address" to Missoula, Montana (where Julian Lee resides). Is it that DiCocco can't stop lying about where he lives? Or is it a spooky jab at Julian Lee? Or does he hope his crazy posts as "PD" will be attributed to Lee? Most likely he hoped that placing "Missoula" on his posts will discourage Lee from posting the screenshots, create confusion, or cause people to attribute the posts to Julian Lee." Devious much? Unfortunately, his posts mark out the known natal chart positions of DiCocco, contain his name in some instances, and all of these have been recorded. This particular post by DiCocco (below) was apparently deleted by the admin for "slanderous posting." The "last edited" date is today, the same day I placed the PD quote at the top of this page. He is obviously feverishly going through the account trying to delete posts of his that reveal too much about his character.
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After DiCocco saw his "PD" posts go online at this page he began making Tweets like this:

Note that in the middle tweet DiCocco refers to astrologers who are "offensive" and "frauds." In the lefthand he tells a lie about "reports" regarding Mr. Lee's health, entirely a fiction invented by him. (In another tweet says "officially diagnosed." Presumably the "official" is DiCocco.) (Julian Lee is in good health, is straight, etc). Again, DiCocco calls others frauds because he is a fraud. How can anybody take him seriously? He calls others offensive because he is offensive, etc. So can we glean from this that DiCocco spends a lot of time worrying about Kaposi's Sarcoma and AIDS?
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